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Dave AA6YQ

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I have been using the “Identifying Special Callsigns” feature ( of SpotCollector with good success, but I wonder if there is some beneficial additional functionality available that I am missing.

I would like SC to display the callsigns of CWops members that I have yet to work on a given band, but only for the CW mode, in pursuit of CWops awards, along with any spots relevant to my DXCC or Challenge objectives without regard to band or mode.

Using the CWops roster as the Leaderboard special callsign list, I can display spots for all CWops members on unworked bands along with spots needed for DXCC or Challenge objectives, but the spot database display shows this for all modes and not just CW. So, in the case of CWops members, I end up seeing many spots for modes that are not of interest.

If I invoke the Mode filter and set it for CW, then SC displays only the needed entries for CW, which works fine for the CWops awards, but I will miss other desirable entries such as an ATNO on FT8.

The ideal solution would be to allow me to further filter the Leaderboard spot displays by mode so that it contributes only the CWops counters that I need to the display, in conjunction with the display of other spots I need for DXCC and Challenge goals regardless of mode.

Is there a way to do this in the existing program?

+ Yes. Assuming that the tag you've specified for CWops members in the "Special Callsign List" is


+ use this SQL expression

<NEEDFILTER> or ((TAGS like '*<cwops>*') and (MODE='CW'))

That doesn't solve the problem, which was to show only CWOps members *on CW, who have not been worked before on CW* (but also show other stations who are Needed on other modes).

@ The stated desire is "display the callsigns of CWops members that I have yet to work on a given band, but only for the CW mode"

I can't think of any way to do it with SpotCollector's current capabilities....

@ On the Configuration window's "Spot Database" tab, check the Controls panel's "Maintain DXCC entity-band-mode fields" box, and then click the Recomputation panel's Recompute button.

@ Then use this SQL expression:

<NEEDFILTER> or ((TAGS like '*<cwops>*') and (MODE='CW') and (BandModeWorked='N'))

@ This will limit the display of active CWOPs stations (not otherwise needed) to those that haven't been worked in CW on the spotted band.

@ Note that enabling the "Maintain DXCC entity-band-mode fields" option will increase SpotCollector's resource consumption, as it will more frequently query the log file in order to keep each Spot Database Entry's BandModeWorked field up to date.


Dave, AA6YQ

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