Re: DX LAB 16.1.0 error

Dave Tucker Nu4N <dwtucker19@...>

I am also having DXK problems with the new version. Yesterday my computer locked up and had to reboot. Reboot was successful. But when I started DXK the program could not find my log file. I had backed up my log file a day ago. But it would not log. Said that too many lines (16) and would not reload. So I went back and uploaded the day before and it loaded. But I accidently closed DXK keeper. Well it could not my log file again. So I had to resort 2 days a goes restore. I cant shut down DXK without this problem happening ago.
DXK keeper stated to reload a earlier version which I dont have one.
Any help wud be appreciated.

73's de NU4N Dave

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