Re: DXKeeper 16.1.0 is available

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

here is the tail of my DXKeeper ErrorLog.txt:

2021-04-06 19:26:42.417 > program error 3050 in module DXLogModule.OpenLog, state = 15, Pathname = C:\Users\bill\Dropbox\Radio\DXLabs\DXKeeper\Shared databases\G4WJS.mdb: Could not lock file.
2021-04-06 23:06:10.049 > Common.Terminate: DXKeeper shutdown

+ This occurred while you were running the previous version of DXKeeper, 16.0.7.

2021-04-21 10:22:35.877 > program error 3024 in module DXLogModule.OpenLog, state = 14, Pathname = C:\Users\bill\Dropbox\Radio\DXLabs\DXKeeper\Shared databases\G4WJS.mdb: Could not find file 'C:\Users\bill\Dropbox\Radio\DXLabs\DXKeeper\Shared databases\G4WJS.mdb'.

+ State 14 in the "OpenLog" procedure is only reached if after expanding the Mode item capacity DXKeeper's attempt to copy or compact the log file failed. I have added instrumentation to the next version of DXKeeper that will record the exact location of the failure.

2021-04-21 10:31:58.313 > program error 3050 in module DXLogModule.OpenLog, state = 1, Pathname = C:\Users\bill\Dropbox\Radio\DXLabs\DXKeeper\Shared databases\G4WJS.mdb: Could not lock file.

+ That's your "standard" sporadic " Could not lock file" DropBox failure.

Nothing unusual happened between the 6th April and Today other than I started Launcher Today, saw an application update, processed it, then tried to start the Suite as I usually do.

Note the "Could not lock file" messages which seem to correlate with the "whatever problem is causing DropBox to not reliably store your log file" issue you cite. It seems to me, that other than causing the MDB file to be locked periodically, DropBox is doing nothing wrong as files can become locked for a number of reasons unrelated to the application that owns and manages the file, and applications may be able to wait and retry to avoid that becoming a problem. For sure it is not a "chronic" problem with DropBox.

+ DXKeeper does not exclusively open the current log file, as both DXView and SpotCollector require continuous "read only" access. Thus DropBox should only be impeded if it's trying to exclusively open your log file - which it should never do.

I don't see any error messages related to scripts failing

+ There are no scripts involved in this process.

the log file clearly was not recreated during the compaction process. I note again that apart from an error that the log file could not be found, no other error messages were shown. As far as I was concerned the log file simply disappeared.

+ DXKeeper does the following:

1. makes a copy of G4WJS.mdb and name that copy Uncompacted_G4WJS.mdb

2. deletes G4WJS.mdb

3. directs the Jet database engine to compact Uncompacted_G4WJS.mdb and put the compacted result in G4WJS.mdb

+ Thus a failure of step 3 would produce the result you report:

A. Uncompacted_G4WJS.mdb is present

B. G4WJS.mdb is absent.

+ My Google search seeking problematic behavior when the Jet Engine's CompactDatabase function is invoked on files hosted by DropBox yielded no results. The transient "lock errors" you have been encountering could be responsible.


Dave, AA6YQ

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