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Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

I have just done this upgrade and had a problem when I started DXKeeper afterwards. I received a message saying the log database could not be opened, I do get this occasionally due to some background locking from Dropbox where I keep my log database. This is not normally an issue as I simply open the Config window and click the Open button to open the log. This has always worked up until now. This time there is no Open button because the log database has gone! In its place is Uncompacted_G4WJS.mdb. I assume I can copy that back to G4WJS.mdb and proceed as normal, but how DXKeeper got to this point without any warning seems to be an issue.

Hi again Dave,

as a follow up, since I have backups of everything, I went ahead and renamed the Uncompacted_G4WJS.mdb back to G4WJS.mdb, restarted DXKeeper, and SpotCollector; all seems OK now.

+ When altering the characteristics of an existing QSO item -- like increasing its maximum capacity from 8 characters to 12 characters - DXKeeper

1. creates a new QSO item with the desired characteristics and gives it a temporary name

2. in every copy the contents of the existing QSO item to the new QSO item in every logged QSO

3. deletes the existing QSO item from every logged QSO

4. changes the name of the new QSO item to that of the just-deleted QSO item

5. makes a copy of the log file; if the log file is named X.mdb, the copy is named uncompacted_X.mdb

6. compacts the log file to reclaim the space consumed by the deleted QSO item

Steps 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6 are accomplished by sending directives to the database engine (Microsoft Jet). Step 5 is accomplished with the Windows Scripting Host, a capability included in every version of Windows.

Any unrecoverable error that occurs during the above steps is reported to the user in an on-screen window, or in an errorlog.txt file whose presence is indicated in the title bar of DXKeeper's Main window. Is there an errorlog.txt file in your DXKeeper folder? If so, please attach it to an email message, and send it to me via aa6yq (at)

Since DXKeeper was first made publicly available 20 years ago, the above procedure has been invoked in more than 25 different DXKeeper releases to expand the capacity of existing QSO items or alter their "data type" (e.g. from character string to date).

In your case, Bill, the existence of a recently-created Uncompacted_G4WJS.mdb means that steps 1-5 above were completed successfully, but step 6 evidently failed. Given that you've had chronic problems with DropBox as the host of your log file, that's disappointing, but not surprising. My advice is to

A. backup your log file

B. compact your log file (Configuration window, Log tab, "Log file" panel, Compact button)

C. correct whatever problem is causing DropBox to not reliably store your log file, or abandon it in favor of a mechanism that works reliably


Dave, AA6YQ

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