Re: LotW Sync not Responding - Solved (I think)

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

Awhile back I inquired about a problem with internet comms between DXKeeper and LotW. I was getting the error: DXKeeper Online QSL
Synchronization (Not Responding) - same for sync QSOs as well as Sync LotW QSLs. A mystery for sure. I learned that if I opened
DXKeeper alone the routines worked fine. Plot thickens.

I investigated all the usual suspects - virus scan, firewall and such. No joy.

After many process starts and stops, I finally determined that running the WN-2 Ver. 3.62 software for my WaveNode RF meter (USB
comms to computer) directly correlated to the DXKeeper - LotW misbehavior. Software running - errors. Not running no errors.
Doesn't appear to matter whether the WaveNode hardware is powered or not.

+ I'm glad that you found the culprit, Hank! I've added it to "Applications that can Interfere with DXLab Applications" in


Dave, AA6YQ

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