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Anthony W. DePrato

Thanks Bob that is what i did.. at 74 yrs took me a few mins to recall what to do.. hi hi..
thanks for the help
73 Tony WA4JQS

At 04:32 PM 4/12/2021, you wrote:
If it seems to be missing and you are quite sure AVG grabbed it,
open AVG
Click Menu (upper right) scroll down to Tools and select Quarantine
Locate the file you need and give it a check mark
on the bottom of the page alongside Delete Selected, click on the circled ...
from there select restore and add exception.


On 4/12/2021 2:39 PM, Anthony W. DePrato wrote:
At 01:52 AM 4/12/2021, you wrote:
If you are using Window Defender Antivirus (Windows 10), update it to its latest malware definition in

before installing or upgrading to Commander 15.0.9

Well I am not running Defender but am Running AVG freeversion.. and as soon as i opened dxlab and started commander it came up that avg sent it to the Q file.. so now commender .exe is gone but the upgraded versions are still listed. states com.exe not found.
i have searched my computer and cmd.exe is not found. nor can i find the Q files for AVG. . is there a better way to get commander back other then copy and paste off of one of the other shack computers . they are all HP Smarttouch units.
thanks for any help
73 Tony WA4JQS

P.S. I did try renaming one of the updated versions to .exe but that did not work.

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