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Dave AA6YQ

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At 01:52 AM 4/12/2021, you wrote:
If you are using Window Defender Antivirus (Windows 10), update it to
its latest malware definition in

before installing or upgrading to Commander 15.0.9

Well I am not running Defender but am Running AVG freeversion.. and as soon as i opened dxlab and started commander it came up that
avg sent it to the Q file.. so now commender .exe is gone but the upgraded versions are still listed. states com.exe not found.
i have searched my computer and cmd.exe is not found. nor can i find the Q files for AVG. . is there a better way to get commander
back other then copy and paste off of one of the other shack computers .
they are all HP Smarttouch units.
thanks for any help

+ On the "DXLab Apps" tab of the Launcher's Configuration window, clicking Commander's Restore button will restore the executable
file, but I suspect that your anti-malware application will quarantine it again unless you first declare it to be "safe".


Dave, AA6YQ

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