Re: DXKeeper Second Callsign LotW

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below
I have agreed to handle QSLing for our club callsign.  I created a new log in DXKeeper, in addition to my personal log, and imported all the QSOs from various contests. 

My issue is LotW.  My DXKeeper personal log is updated to LotW.  I have TQSL and it has my callsign certificate.  Many of the QSOs in the club log have already been uploaded to LotW, I am told, but none show as uploaded in the imported files.

My question - are there step-by-step instructions for adding this second callsign to LotW and updating the log using DXKeeper?

+ See "Sharing DXLab Among Multiple Users on the Same PC" in

+ and substitute "your club" for "your XYL". (Yes, it's a great straight line, but please leave it alone).


             Dave, AA6YQ



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