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Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

I've been perusing the documentation about the reference files that are used by the various DXLab applications. It appears that at least some of them are automatically updated with each module's new release. Is that true in all cases?

+ Yes. Whenever a defect or enhancement request involves a change to an application's reference documentation, the updated .htm files are included in the next public release and identified in its release note. Mike K9UW updates the application's PDF reference documentation file, typically within 24 hours.

I'm referring to files like BandModes.txt and the like.

+ The sub-band definition file


+ is not a reference documentation file. When you install SpotCollector, a basic BandModes.txt file is provided, along with a more up-to-date sub-band definition file currently named

BandModes 2020-04-11.txt

+ to indicate its date of creation. You can use


+ "as is", replace it with the contents of

BandModes 2020-04-11.txt

+ or selectively incorporate content from

BandModes 2020-04-11.txt

I'd also like to compare the contents of these files on my computer with their latest versions in the documentation standards. I know where to find them on my computer, but can you give me the location of the file repository? I'm not readily finding it in the documentation.

+ That's provided in the table in the "Reference Documentation" section at the beginning of "Getting Started with DXLab" in

+ It's also provided in the table here:


Dave, AA6YQ

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