Re: Sync LotW QSOs issues

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below
It is very frustrating to see that in LOTW there are 2 qsos with the same call, mode, freq etc. BUT the time is sometimes 30 to 45 seconds difference.
For example, I send 09:24:31, and the other station sends 09:24:00 and that already has a difference. However, LOTW says they take a 15-minute difference into account.
This will give you the message "no matching QSO in log".

+ That's not what the message ""no matching QSO in log" means, Patrick.

+ It means that you submitted the QSO to LoTW with one time specified, but the QSO in your log specifies a different time (or a different band or a different mode, or ...).

+ For example, if you submit a QSO logged in DXKeeper with a start time of 9:24:31 to LoTW, then change the logged QSO's time to 09:24:00, and then invoke DXKeeper's "Sync LoTW QSOs" operation, the result will be "no matching QSO in log"  -- because there is no QSO in your log with a start time of 09:24:31.

+ The actions of your QSO partner cannot cause this error message; it can only be caused by your actions, or by an error in LoTW.


               Dave, AA6YQ





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