Re: Intermitent Rig Control Errors to my ICOM 7610

Dave AA6YQ

Thanks for the detailed report below, Jerry.

Some comments

1. You should not be running MMD.exe when you are running WSJT-X.

2. The error message "DX Lab Suite Commander rig did not respond to PTT: ON" comes from WSJT-X, which expects that within a certain period of time, Commander will report that it has switched from RX to TX in response to sending Commander a "switch from RX to TX" directive.

3. I have seen access to a network connected printer cause sporadic long processing delays.

Thus my advice is

A. terminate MMD when running WSJT-X

B. On the WSJT-X Advanced Tab, set the TX delay to 0.2 seconds (the setting I use with my IC-7800, which is slower than your iC-7610)

C. For the next several days, temporarily disable the Canon applications and disable your machine's access to the Wifi-accessible printer

D. Update Windows 10 to the latest virus definitions in

E. Reboot Windows

Let's see if this changes the incidence of failure.

If you go 4 days without a failure, then try re-enabling your Wifi printer and its Canon utilizies.


Dave, AA6YQ

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Dave AA6YQ,

I have been slow to respond because I've had some business to attend to, and I wanted to observe the error again to give you a fresh report. I usually suspect that any problems here are most often caused by the limitations of the operator whose hand is on the mouse or the radio knob. While I have not been on FT-8 or FT-4 much since I last wrote, I did encounter another "Rig Control Error" today on 20m FT-8. I had completed an FT-4 QSO and a 2 FT-8 QSO's. The following error popped up with the following details:

"DX Lab Suite Commander rig did not respond to PTT: ON
Timestamp: 2021-04-07T22:32:32.705Z"

I checked Commander's Error Log, and there was no entry for this date.

Question: What applications were running? (I'll include them all to be thorough if not additionally helpful.)
Answer: The MS Task Manager listed the following apps running on the date of my first e-mail.

1. Two apps running in the background related to my WiFi connected Canon printer.
Canon Quick Menu and
Canon Quick Menu Image Display

2. DXLabLauncher.exe Ver. 2.1.4

3. MMD.exe Ver. 6

4. CI-V Commander.exe Ver. 15.0.1
5. DXKeeper.exe Ver. 15.9.9

6. DXView.exe Ver. 4.7.9
including World Map display

7. Pathfinder.exe Ver. 5.2.6

8. SC_WSJTS.exe Ver. 1.0.7

9. SpotCollector.exe Ver. 8.8.3

10. WSJT-X: Digital Modes Ver. 2.3.0 Oc42df (64-bit)
Console Window Host
jt9 - WSJT-X slow mode decoder (?? I haven't used JT-9)
WSJT-X Digital Modes

11. For time sychronization, I am using Dimension 4, Ver. 5.31.331.0.

12. Additionally on the day of the earlier error, I probably had the Chrome browser open to monitor lightning conditions in our region. During today's Rig Control Error, the Chrome browser was not running.

13. Today, I did have my e-mail client (Thunderbird) open.

Regarding Spotcollector, I have been using 3 spot sources: VE7CC, a local DX cluster, and WSJT-X itself. The local DX cluster appears to avoid FT-8 and FT-4 spots unless they are posted locally. VE7CC sends out copious digital spot postings and sometimes seems to slow my system down so I turn it off occasionally. I do not recall if I was monitoring VE7CC when the earlier error occurred. Today, I was connected to the VE7CC cluster.

Regarding software settings, I have WSJT-X under the Radio-tab to use "DX Lab Suite Commander" and the Poll Interval set to 1 second. On the WSJT-X Advanced Tab, I have the TX delay set to 0.3 seconds.

My PC setup is as follows:

* Processor AMD Ryzen 5 @ 3.6 GHZ w/ 32 GB of RAM
* 232 GB Solid State Drive with 50 GB free
* MS-Windows 10 Pro with the current updates.

* Security is MS Defender.

Today as all this software is running, the Task Manager shows the CPU running at 5-15% capacity with peaks on 20m FT-8 decode of 25-35%.

The XCVR as mentioned before is an ICOM IC-7610 with firmware V. 1.20.

I hope this gives an adequate picture of my operating conditions so as to provide you with adequate information. If I can provide additional details, please let me know.

Thank you for your assistance in the past and for your guidance now.

73, Jerry K7VIT


On 3/22/2021 23:04, Dave AA6YQ wrote:

+ AA6YQ comments below

I made the change and operated some FT-8 with only 1 error occurring over 3 days.

+ A failure every 3 days is not consistent with the expect level of reliability. Clearly reducing the "Command Interval" has helped, but something else is going on. What other applications are running besides DXLab applications.


Dave, AA6YQ

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