SC autoscroll

Joe K2UF

This would probably be put in the 'nit picking' catagory.
When I have to scroll back through past SC post SC will freeze and the autoscroll warning begin to flash.  Usually the back scrolling happens when I am trying to get some additional info on a spot that I am trying to work.  after I work the station (or give up!) I continue going about life.  Most of the time I forget to resume SC scrolling because the small autoscroll flashing warning is very small and my eyes are very old.  eventually I happen to notice it and resume SC scrolling.
Maybe the "autoscroll" box  could be put to the left of the arrows and increase the font to 18 or 24 pitch.  That way it would be more of a shock to see some thing that big flashing on the screen.
I know this would be a low priority change and I don't expect it to be changed this afternoon but maybe by morning   ;o{)))>
73  Joe K2UF

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