Re: Call Override list for DxView?

Jesper Wolf Jespersen

Hello Dave.

Thank you for the polite reminder, I had plain forgotten that you allready implemented this and I have clearly used it before since both sources had a date in ocktober 20.

Nice that you can remind me.

Nice work, an answer within 30 minutes I wonder how many commercial software houses can match that.

Outstanding service.

Happy Greetings from Denmark
Jesper Wolf Jespersen.

PS. i like the idea of a telepathic interface :-D

On 02-04-2021 00:26, Dave AA6YQ wrote:
+ AA6YQ comments below

I have been annoyed a few times this spring with calls that did not resolve in a DXCC being automatically chosen, this has typically hapened when logging from JtDx where I notice the logging to fail but cant do anything about it at once.

I typically have to create an entity override in DxView and the log all the JtDx information by hand.

I would like to avoid this manual maintenance of the override list and
am wondering why that list is not distributed or at least avaiable for
download somewhere ?

I can see that there are quite a number of overrides in my list
allready, and I havent entered thousands in there, so they must come
from somewhere.

+ As described in its reference documentation, DXView enables you to populate its Override list from Club Log, BigCTY, or by inserting entries manually:

Does a list exist that I can download?

+ There are two sources of information, and you evidently downloaded information from at least one of them.

Last call to bother me was TO1K that had to point to Saint Marten before could log it.

I have DxKeeper look stuff up on QRZ via XML, but still it seems this list needs to be updated, wonder why?

+ The Override list needs to be updated because its contents change.

+ Some ops prefer to populate their override list from ClubLog exclusively. Some ops prefer to use BigCTY exclusively. Some ops first populate their Override List with information from Club Log, and then populate their list with information from BigCTY -- so that conflicts are resolved in favor of BigCTY; some ops populate their Override list in the reverse order.

+ Whichever source you prefer, visit the Overrides tab of DXView's Configuration window each week to update your overrides, and minimize the agonizing frustration caused by ambiguous callsigns.

+ The next version of DXView will include a telepathic receiver that automatically discerns which source of information your prefer, eliminating the need for you to think about which button to click.


Dave, AA6YQ

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