Re: ADIF import from N1MM+


It looks as if the programmer may have interpreted the PFX field as if it meant the standard prefix for the DXCC entity instead of the WPX prefix of the call sign. The ADIF specification clearly says WPX prefix, but maybe that was missed.

In fact, the field might have been added to the export in response to requests from users who wanted the DXCC prefix made available, not from users who wanted to see the WPX prefix. After all, deducing the WPX prefix form the call sign is trivial in most cases, whereas the DXCC prefix requires more calculation and is something users who don't have all the international prefix allocations memorized might appreciate more.

Anyway, you should raise this on the N1MMLoggerPlus group, which all of the programmers monitor (they do not all monitor this group). If what people want is the DXCC prefix, a different tag (such as APP_N1MM_DXCC_Prefix) should be used.

I don't see an obvious way to deal with this from within DXKeeper, but there is an easy way to fix it in the ADIF file before importing it: Open the ADIF file with Notepad and do a global replace to change all occurrences of <PFX: to <JUNK: (or any other name you care to call it, as long as you don't use the name of a field that is in the ADIF specification), save the corrected file and import it into DXKeeper. DXKeeper will ignore the changed field name and will calculate the correct WPX prefix automatically during the import.

Rich VE3KI

On Wed, Mar 31, 2021 at 12:12 PM, Andy - K0AF wrote:
This morning I imported an ADIF from N1MM+ into DXKeeper. In DXKeeper the prefix (PFX) entry for all imported US stations is "K" rather than the station's actual prefix. The N1MM+ ADIF includes a PFX field and the value is "K" for all US stations.

I've imported ADIF from N1MM+ several times in the past and the PFX entry in DXKeeper was always correct. I looked at ADIF files exported from N1MM+ previously and they do not have a PFX field. Evidently this is a recent addition. Is there a way to have DXKeeper overwrite the imported PFX with the correct prefix?

Andy - K0AF

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