Spot Collector Sluggish and slowing everything down

Saad Mahaini


Once i start Spot Collector, seems like everything slows down considerable and response time on other modules i.e. logging, etc. become noticeably sluggish, unresponsive in some cases

The worst response is when i try to do anything on teh spot Collector window.  For example clicking on a spot sometimes take many clicks /tries for it to respond.  

Checking Windows task Manager shows Spot Collector continuously hogging anywhere from 25 % to 30 % of the CPU usage.  

I limited the Spot collector spot sources to only one source (N6WS), that did not make a difference

I ran the PC in safe mode an that did not make a difference either

I disabled the protection (Defender and virus scans, etc) , with no difference

I'm not sure what to try next.

I guess the question is if its normal for SC to utilize this much CPU, and if so, why does it bring things to halt even at 30% CPU usage.   Even with everything running including SC, the total CPU usage is in the 50ish % range , is that too much?

73 Saad N5FF


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