Re: ADIF Import and DUPES

Kirk, N0KK

Thank you for the tips.

In my situation, I'm running multiple versions of WSJTX on multiple radios/SDR receivers at the same time. Also on 2 pcs.

Some have JTDX running as well. At times I'll even have a writelog program logging stations. Not all of them work/log automatically with DX Labs simultaneously. I should say, Ive not found a way to do so perhaps.

I did have import setting as you've suggested here. I decreased the time to 30 minutes.
Latest attempt at bringing in a file worked as it should and has been. Why last week a couple files leaked past dupe checking Ive no clue. Ive since removed all dupes from the log of over 50k qsos

I guess the only thing in my log file Id still like to get cleaned up is the "R" Requested calls. Ive got 535 of them remaining and I'm not sure how to clear those up.
If anyone can lend suggestions Id sure appreciate that.

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