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Most of the time when I have a questionable contact and I intentionally again work that station for an "insurance" contact, and I feel better about the insurance contact, I will go back and mark the first contact N. Both contacts will usually appear sequentially in my log. So I can easily find and go back and submit the first contact if I don't get a confirmation. This is a semi-regular occurrence when I'm chasing weak DX stations I need for a DX Award. For this reason I don't select "Auto upload" in the DXKeeper, QSL Configuration file for ClubLog. I usually upload to Club Log after each operating session unless I've done an intentional duplicate QSO.

Most DX stations I still need are the result of DXpeditions that upload to ClubLog during or after the operating event. After their DXpedition is done, I check their ClubLog uploads and I'll go back and clear or set my DXKeeper logbook as appropriate.

Dave, w6de

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While reading up on Clublog Uploads I seen there is a status item that can be Y, N and M. I understand Y and M but don't get the notion of N.

+ 'N' means "this QSO will not be uploaded to ClubLog by the ClubLog Update function"

What would cause N to be set?

+ User action, e.g. for a QSO whose callsign of which you are unsure. None of DXKeeper's automation sets a QSO's "Club Log Status" item to 'N'.


Dave, AA6YQ

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