Re: Data is sent when wrong (powered off) radio is selected in Commander (using Secondary CAT Port and Net Serv)

Norm - KC1BMD

On Tue, Mar 23, 2021 at 12:53 AM, Dave AA6YQ wrote:
+ You can't switch Radio 1 from RX to TX using Commander, because Radio 2 is selected as the primary transceiver.
[KC1BMD]: True, it cannot be done with Commander but it can be done from the transceiver (Radio 1 in this example). While I use Commander for many things, old habits remain and sometimes I switch from "Off" to "Sem-Break-In" from the radio front panel.
+ The fact that you've powered down Radio 2 is irrelevant. If you manually direct the not-selected transceiver to transmit, you risk damage because the amp is following the selected transceiver's frequency.
[KC1BMD]: Yes, the risk of damage is why I asked about this.
+ Don't do that!
[KC1BMD]: Well, that's the objective and 100% compliance will take some heightened awareness on my part (hi).
+ If you want more protection against damage from manual action, use the parallel port signals emitted by Commander to drive the 2:1 switch at the amplifier's input:
[KC1BMD]: I will look into that. I'd be interested if anyone has any switch recommendations with high blocking between ports. I happen to use Diamond CX-201/CX-301 with good success but these are manual switches.
+ Then only the currently-selected transceiver will be able to send RF to the amplifier, with the amplifier tracking that transceiver's frequency. I use this approach to also automatically switch the my microphone, CW paddle, and headphones between the two primary transceivers I use for DXing.
[KC1BMD]: Yes, it seems the way to absolutely protect the amp in my situation (or the transceiver if I run barefoot with amp in standby) would be to control the switch electronically. I had thought a possible way might be for Commander to detect whether the powered off radio was connected (e.g. no ability to connect to or receive data from it's CI-V address) and then block any Commander data-com from the secondary CAT port (and maybe Net Serv port) in that case. Another more direct way could be to grey out the radio button so the powered off radio can't be selected. You mentioned: + There is nothing anywhere in Commander's documentation stating that it can detect that the selected Primary transceiver has been powered down and automatically select a Primary transceiver that is powered up. I would not expect to see that in a user guide/help documentation but only in a software internal or external specification document, which a user is not likely to have access to. But anyway, I think there is no high need for any changes since I might be the only person to bring this up (and the XYL would not be surprised to hear that -hi). Thanks for the reply.
73, Norm/KC1BMD

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