Re: Data is sent when wrong (powered off) radio is selected in Commander (using Secondary CAT Port and Net Serv)

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

1. Radio 1 powered on, RF switched to amp and selected as primary in Commander. 40m band selected. Radio 2 powered off, RF blocked to amp by switch.

2. Select Radio 2 as primary in Commander. RF is still blocked from Radio 2 and Radio 1 is still connected 2 amp.

3. Select 20m band in Bandspread window. Although Radio 2 powered off (not used) and its RF output blocked by switch, amp is nevertheless switched to 20m band... but Radio 1 remains on 40m band! Tuner also now set to 20m frequency selected in Bandspread.

4. Key Radio 1 but it is still on 40m band while amp is set for 20m band!

+ You can't switch Radio 1 from RX to TX using Commander, because Radio 2 is selected as the primary transceiver.

+ The fact that you've powered down Radio 2 is irrelevant. If you manually direct the not-selected transceiver to transmit, you risk damage because the amp is following the selected transceiver's frequency.

+ Don't do that!

+ If you want more protection against damage from manual action, use the parallel port signals emitted by Commander to drive the 2:1 switch at the amplifier's input:

+ Then only the currently-selected transceiver will be able to send RF to the amplifier, with the amplifier tracking that transceiver's frequency. I use this approach to also automatically switch the my microphone, CW paddle, and headphones between the two primary transceivers I use for DXing.


Dave, AA6YQ

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