Data is sent when wrong (powered off) radio is selected in Commander (using Secondary CAT Port and Net Serv)

Norm - KC1BMD

I typically only operate one of two radios configured in Commander at a time with one being switched off. The secondary CAT port is configured to follow primary, where the radio powered on and being used is primary. Frequency data is sent to my amp for auto-band switching. An application "HF-AUTO SW" is configured in Commander using "NET SERV" UDP data. This all works as expected whether I am using radio 1 or radio 2.

What I observe is that when I select the radio that is not being used (i.e. radio powered off) in Commander, there is still data being sent to the amp and to the HF-AUTO ATU because if I change bands in the Bandspread window, the amp and tuner follow. I had not expected that would happen. This almost led me to believe that everything was normal when in fact the radio that I was using (which is powered on) was on a different band, as it is not following Commander anymore. So if I had transmitted, it could have caused some real problem as I was on the wrong band. Can anyone shed some light on whether this is normal operation or what, if anything, I might have misconfigured or be doing wrong?

73, Norm/KC1BMD

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