Re: Intermitent Rig Control Errors to my ICOM 7610

Gerald Wilson

Dave   AA6YQ,


I have been battling this error with my IC-7610 while using WSJT-X and DXLab Suite for some time.  I would get a rig control error which would pop up after 5 - 20 minutes of operation.  I'd clear it. Then it would happen again after 5 - 20 minutes.   I'm not sure, but I think it happened more frequently under quite crowded band conditions.  I may even have slowed the setting down thinking it was a computer processing problem.

Somehow, I missed any previous mention of the resolution of this problem.   I had been through the installation instructions again and ....

I saw your answer.   A light switch went on.   I made the change and operated some FT-8 with only 1 error occurring over 3 days.  I've already shared this with a similarly equipped friend.

Most gratefully with 73,

        Jerry    K7VIT

On 3/18/2021 17:04, Dave AA6YQ wrote:
+ AA6YQ comments below

I moved it to 25ms as suggested and have yet to see the error, so this change seems to be helping.

+ With a USB connect, the primary CAT baud rate set to 115200, and the "Verify CI-V command acceptance" enabled in the Radio panel on the Configuration window's General tab, my IC-7300 works reliably with a "Command interval" of 10 ms. I suspect that your IC-7610 would do the same.

+ My ancient IC-7800, limited to a primary CAT baud rate of 19200, works reliably with a "Command interval" of 25 ms.


                Dave, AA6YQ

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