Re: ITU Zones with leading 0 (Zero)?

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

+ In followup, DXKeeper imports <CQZ:2>02 as the single digit 2, and
<ITUZ:2>01 as the single digit 1 -- so however Norm got leading zeroes
in his CQZ and ITUZ items, it wasn't by importing them from an ADIF
I have 79 such entries in my log - all of them are confirmed via LotW.
I suspect DXKeeper dutifully updated the entry from the LotW downloads.

I looked at one such call and the LotW "Details" shows:
"ITU Zone 08 (Inferred; user did not specify zone)"

+ Thanks, Joe. Your hypothesis is correct: LoTW is reporting both CQ zones and ITU zones with a leading zero, but DXKeeper is failing to remove the leading zero from the ITU zone before saving it in a QSO that did not specify an ITU zone.

+ I will correct this in the next version of DXKeeper. That next version will also include a script that users can run to eliminate the leading zeros in ITU zones.

+ The WITU progress report does correctly interpret ITU zones in logged QSOs that have a leading zero.


Dave, AA6YQ

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