Re: ITU Zones with leading 0 (Zero)?

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

For some reason after importing my HRD logbook into DXK I noticed that some ITU Zones that would ordinarily have a single digit contain a leading 0 (zero). There are no errors shown when pulling up the QSO in DXK., Is that going to cause any issues down the line for anything?

+ Not that I know of.
Me neither. The vast majority of my logged QSOs with zones 1-9 do not have the leading zero, but some do. I can't imagine it mattering for anything of significance.

If so, can someone suggest and easy way to search for these and correct them?

+ To change ITU Zone 01 to 1, en masse,

1. backup your log (Configuration window, Log tab, Backup button)

2. filter the Log Page Display with

I think you meant "ITUZ".

+ Yes, I meant ITUZ. My telepathic keyboard doesn't handle QRN well.

+ In followup, DXKeeper imports <CQZ:2>02 as the single digit 2, and <ITUZ:2>01 as the single digit 1 -- so however Norm got leading zeroes in his CQZ and ITUZ items, it wasn't by importing them from an ADIF file.


Dave, AA6YQ

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