Final clean up of log

Jim Miller, AB3CV

A friend has been moving to DXLabs and slowly finding all his logs from previous software.

In the meantime even with a fairly large but still partial status on his DXK log he did a download of credits granted and allowed credit only QSOs to be created for any missing from his log. That was successful in that his Verified/Confirmed/Worked counts now agree between ARRL and the RAT summary table.

Now he believes he has found sufficient old log scraps that contain most of the previously missing QSOs that if imported to DXK would make those credit only QSOs duplicates.

He would like to find those and delete the credit only dupe and "move" the V to the actual valid QSO.

Is there a batch process that could work for this? Even a series of scripts would be helpful.


Jim ab3cv

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