Re: WinWarbler SSB macro not working

Dave AA6YQ

@ more AA6YQ comments below

I did it, i.e. I used Realtek Audio in WinWarbler and the message was properly reproduced in the PC audio system.
Then I changed back in Winwarbler config>soundcard the "Phone Transmission" to the "microHAM CODEC" soundcard and..... the message(s) are correctly reproduced again via the radio.
Then it appears that now everything is re-shaped and that only the changing of the soundcard and the coming back to the correct one has solved the problem. I do not know why it happened, but I'm glad of the result!

@ It's unusual for a diagnostic step to solve the problem. Something obviously changed; it would be best to understand what, and how -- otherwise, the incorrect behavior could return -- and at the worst possible time.

@ Joe W4TV, any suggestions for how to proceed from here?


Dave, AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

It is perfectly reproduced through VLC player and through the audio of the PC

+ Good. What soundcard is the VLC player configured to use? Temporarily configure WinWarbler to use the same soundcard for phone transmission. What happens when you active a phone macro in WinWarbler?

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