Re: N4PY Icom software, IC-7610 and Commander problem


On 3/20/2021 10:47 PM, Floyd Sense wrote:
Hmmmmm... Guess I didn't do a very good job with the terminology, so I'll give it another try.  I said UDP not based on personal knowledge, but based on the fact that to get the communications to work between WSJT-X and Commander I went to the reporting tab of WSJT-X settings and entered the UDPServer IP address ( and the UDP server port number (2237) and checked off three boxes that had to do with UDP requests.  Then, in a panel called Secondary UDP Server, I checked a box saying "Enable logged contact ADIF broadcast" and again plugged in an IP address and server port number.  The box up the page aways that said "Use TCP/IP" address was NOT checked. 

UM ... Commander does not interface with WSJT-X via UDP.   AFAIK it uses a direct serial connection via a COM port.

73, K8AC

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