Re: N4PY Icom software, IC-7610 and Commander problem

Floyd Sense

Hmmmmm... Guess I didn't do a very good job with the terminology, so I'll give it another try.  I said UDP not based on personal knowledge, but based on the fact that to get the communications to work between WSJT-X and Commander I went to the reporting tab of WSJT-X settings and entered the UDPServer IP address ( and the UDP server port number (2237) and checked off three boxes that had to do with UDP requests.  Then, in a panel called Secondary UDP Server, I checked a box saying "Enable logged contact ADIF broadcast" and again plugged in an IP address and server port number.  The box up the page aways that said "Use TCP/IP" address was NOT checked. 

The N4PY Icom software is basically the same as the Pegasus software for all the other brands.  N4PY told me that the technique I referred to was special for communications with DXLab, but maybe that's not true either?  Anyway, in Commander config, General Tab, Radio panel, I selected Pegasus_N4PY as the model and then specified the location of a "control folder".  In the N4PY program settings, I specified the name of that same folder, which they call the "Transfer folder".  And, N4PY and Commander were able to successfully communicate via that folder.

And, what I tried to tell you is this: When I use that means of communications between N4PY and Commander, Commander no longer responds to the request from WSJT-X to turn on PTT when I run the PTT test in WSJT-X. 

Getting back to Commander and my WSJT-X problem: If I specify the radio as an IC-7610 (with direct connection to the 7610 USB CAT port), then a box appears in the radio panel below the model area that says "Verify CI-V command acceptance".  If I fail to check that box, then the WSJT-X PTT test fails in exactly the same manner as when I'm using the control folder with the port controlled by N4PY.  I check that box, and then the WSJT-X PTT fest completes properly.  So, that's the story.  If it still doesn't make sense, I'll just have to find another way to makes things work.  Thanks for your time.

73, K8AC

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