Re: N4PY Icom software, IC-7610 and Commander problem

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

I have a new IC-7610 and at first had Commander directly connected to the rig via USB. I have WSJT-X configured with Commander as the rig, exchanging information via UDP.

+ WSJT-X and Commander interoperate via TCP, not UDP.

That all worked great. The next step was to implement the N4PY Icom software to gain support for the Elad TM-2 controller. I was unable to get N4PY and Commander talking to each other using a N4PY external port via a virtual cable to Commander. N4PY then suggested that I just use the old file transfer technique and so I set that up and indeed it worked well. But, next time I fired up WSJT-X, I found it was unable to communicate with Commander. When doing the CAT test, I got a green result but when I hit the PTT test button in WSJT-X, I got an error message saying Commander didn't respond to the command to set PTT on. Tried several times, restarting everything, but same result. Is it possible to use the UDP path while also using the old file transfer technique?

+ I know nothing about N4PY's Icom software, much less how it would interoperate with Commander.

+ I also don't know what "the old file transfer" technique refers to.

+ I do know that you can't have two different applications directly sending CAT commands to the same transceiver.


Dave, AA6YQ

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