Re: DX Keeper and upload to LotW

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

I still have an issue uploading QSOs to LoTW.
I downloaded the latest version of the Gateway program (1.2.1) as you suggested. I have the "Upload to LoTW" checked.

In the DXKeeper Export QSOs tab I have "Export standard ADIF for LoTW" checked.

+ That setting is not relevant to automatically uploading QSOs to LoTW. It's only used when exporting a file to be manually uploaded.

Now when I log a contact (presently operating in the BARTG RTTY contest, the DXKeeper Gateway window indicates that the call has been logged and I get a pop up window indicating the the QSO has been uploaded to LoTW.
All seems to be working - however, when I go to my LoTW account and log in to check that the QSO has been logged, I do not see any of my recent contest QSO's.
Is there a delay to get the QSO uploaded?

+ No, but there can be a delay in LoTW processing your uploaded QSOs.

+ Have the QSOs you logged directly in DXKeeper before the contest appeared in LoTW?

+ Please check LoTW again an hour from now; are your uploaded QSOs present?


Dave, AA6YQ

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