DX Keeper and upload to LotW

Serge Bertuzzo

Hello to the group. 

I have looked around the documentation/archives and have not been able to find a solution to  uploading QSOs to LotW using N1MM+ DXKeeper Gateway software. I am using all of the latest version of the software mentioned below. 

I log all my qso's to DXKeeper. When using WSJT-X and JTAlert, I have the software set up so that it automatically logs the contacts to DX Keeper. 
I also have DXKeeper set up so that any contact that is logged via the capture window is uploaded to LotW. I can see when this is happening as I see a window indicating that the QSO is being uploaded to LotW. 
If I make a contact and then go to the LotW site I can verify that the qso has indeed been uploaded. 
My issue is when I use DXKeeper and N1MM DXKeeper Gateway. When making qsos with N1MM (say in a CW contest) even though I do see that QSO's are being logged in DXKeeper, if I go to LotW I do not see the latest contact(s) with the stations that I just worked. 

I thought I had everything set up properly in DXKeeper as it seems to work when using WSJT and JTAlert software. Perhaps uploading automatically to LotW does not work when using the N1MM+ DXKeeper Gateway program for some reason? Please let me know if you require any additional information on my setup. 

 Any guidance or assistance would be greatly appreciate. Thank you very much in advance.



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