Re: How Do I Designate a POTA QSO in DXK

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

So when I go to User Item Progress Report Selector tab and check POTA, the "Generate Progress Report" button is greyed out, what step have I left out?

+ For the "Generate Progress Report" button on the "User Item Progress Report Selector" window to be enabled,

1. select a user-defined item on the left side of the "User Item Progress Report Selector" window

2. In the "Progress report Generation" panel on the Configuration window's "User Items" tab, check the Enable box for the user-defined item in question; while you're there, check or uncheck the eQSL and LoTW boxes for that user-defined item to indicate whether or not eQSL and LoTW confirmations "count" for award progress.

+ See the "Configuring a user-defined item" section in "Tracking Progress Towards an Award with a User-defined Item: POTA":


Dave, AA6YQ

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