Re: Error Logging from JTAlert to DXKeeper


On 19/03/2021 06:14, Dave AA6YQ wrote:
+ AA6YQ comments below

I wanted to follow up on this. After posting this, I was called away out of town and took my Flex Maestro and computer to operate remotely. Amazingly, the problem stopped happening while I was gone. I returned home today and tried again and the double logging started happening again. That got me thinking that while I don't remember changing this setting after I got it working, the "loopback thing" in WSJT-X was new to me so I checked it's setting in WSJT-X -> Reporting -> Outgoing interfaces: . It was set to "Loopback 0" but I could have sworn I set it to "Ethernet 2" originally. The whole idea of "looping back" relative to "double logging" got me thinking ... So I set it to "Ethernet 2" and nothing logged at all ! Actually pretty good news since I was at least touching something apparently related. So I added "Ethernet 2" to "Loopback 0" and that did it! No more double logging. When I checked the setting again, what had originally shown in the WSJT-X drop-down as "Ethernet 2" now shows as "Ethernet_32774". Apparently WSJT-X reset it ?

I wanted to mention this here in case it's of value to anyone else. I followed up on Laurie's reflector as well. Of course I ended up bugging both Laurie and Dave about this while the problem was actually a setting in WSJT-X all along. Makes me appreciate Laurie and Dave's help all the more.

Thank You again !

Windows 10 20H2, current as of today
WSJT-X v2.3.0
JTAlert v2.16.17
DXLab Suite's DXKeeper v16.0.7
Flex 6700
SmartSDR v3.1.12
(connected together by physical Ethernet switch but port forwarded through my router to enable DXLab's Commander to work remotely)

As a note, I have "Post decoded Callsigns to SpotCollector as local spots" enabled (under JTAlert -> Settings -> Manage Settings -> Applications -> DXLab Suite -> SpotCollector) with no problems. I depend on those spots in my set-up.

+ Russ, I don't see "Outgoing Interfaces" on the Reporting tab of the Settings window in WSJT-X 2.3.0.


Dave, AA6YQ
Hi Dave,

specifying the network interface(s) datagrams are sent on is only required for multicast group addresses, for unicast addresses the routing is determined by the networking infrastructure. Since SpotCollector does not support multicast no one using SpotCollector as a UDP server for WSJT-X should be using a multicast group address as a UDP destination in WSJT-X.





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