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you have to have a multicast IP address such as entered into the UDP Server box, and the Outgoing Interfaces drop down appears.

Neil, KN3ILZ

On 3/19/2021 1:22 AM, Russ Ravella via wrote:
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On Mar 18, 2021, at 11:14 PM, Dave AA6YQ <> wrote:

+ AA6YQ comments below

I wanted to follow up on this. After posting this, I was called away out of town and took my Flex Maestro and computer to operate remotely. Amazingly, the problem stopped happening while I was gone. I returned home today and tried again and the double logging started happening again. That got me thinking that while I don't remember changing this setting after I got it working, the "loopback thing" in WSJT-X was new to me so I checked it's setting in WSJT-X -> Reporting -> Outgoing interfaces: . It was set to "Loopback 0" but I could have sworn I set it to "Ethernet 2" originally. The whole idea of "looping back" relative to "double logging" got me thinking ... So I set it to "Ethernet 2" and nothing logged at all ! Actually pretty good news since I was at least touching something apparently related. So I added "Ethernet 2" to "Loopback 0" and that did it! No more double logging. When I checked the setting again, what had originally shown in the WSJT-X drop-down as "Ethernet 2" now shows as "Ethernet_32774". Apparently WSJT-X reset it ?

I wanted to mention this here in case it's of value to anyone else. I followed up on Laurie's reflector as well. Of course I ended up bugging both Laurie and Dave about this while the problem was actually a setting in WSJT-X all along. Makes me appreciate Laurie and Dave's help all the more.

Thank You again !

Windows 10 20H2, current as of today
WSJT-X v2.3.0
JTAlert v2.16.17
DXLab Suite's DXKeeper v16.0.7
Flex 6700
SmartSDR v3.1.12
(connected together by physical Ethernet switch but port forwarded through my router to enable DXLab's Commander to work remotely)

As a note, I have "Post decoded Callsigns to SpotCollector as local spots" enabled (under JTAlert -> Settings -> Manage Settings -> Applications -> DXLab Suite -> SpotCollector) with no problems. I depend on those spots in my set-up.

+ Russ, I don't see "Outgoing Interfaces" on the Reporting tab of the Settings window in WSJT-X 2.3.0.


Dave, AA6YQ

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