Re: Send 5 Volts on off signal for ant switch relays

Simon <simonhk7@...>

Hi Dave w6de

Thanks for pointer. Yes, the radio info message has every basic thing needed and solve the laptop issue

On Friday, March 19, 2021, w6de <w6de@...> wrote:

There is a Hardware & Software solution for your problem. FreqEz is a raspberry Pi hat and software set that reads the UDP data from DXLab Commander or N1MM contesting software and sends the frequency data FreqEx on the Windows computer and according to a matrix you set up sends antenna selection data to the raspberry pi and a switching board for antenna selection.  Do a WEB search for FreqEZ.  FreqEz was developed by Larry K8UT who also frequents this forum.



Dave, w6de


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Subject: [DXLab] Send 5 Volts on off signal for ant switch relays


Planning for a home brew relay box to route the rig to diffetent ant depends on band.


Can the software send 5 Volts on off signal via a hardware box? Of course, it can be manual control if above not possible.

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