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Bill Pence

What does the device manager show?

Could you be suffering the effects if the dreaded cloned prolific usb device driver impact?

On Thu, Mar 18, 2021, 4:03 PM Joe K2UF <joe@...> wrote:
Thanks Dave,

All the settings are correct.  I suspect the ct62 cable.  I got it cheap on
ebay from an off shore vendor.  I am going to get one from HRO and try
again.  I want to use this radio mobile using  home brew software to control
from a laptop.  Connected it to commander to see if it was my software or a
hardware problem.

Thanks for the info.

73  Joe K2UF 

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+ AA6YQ comments below

Any one using commander control for a Yeasu ft857  xcvr.  I have tried using
straight thru and cross over adapter just in case.  I am using a CT62 cable
I got on EBay(ugh!).

+ I've used Commander to control my FT817 via a Yaesu CT62 cable. The FT817,
FT857, and FT897 all use the same CAT instruction set.

+ Step-by-step instructions are here:


                 Dave, AA6YQ

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