Re: DX Atlas Not Showing DX Keeper QSO’s

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

After further experimentation, I found that now, DX ATAS is now opening twice when I run DX Launcher. The first DX Atlas map that loads does show QSO’s when I click “Plot” in DX Keeper, but the second DX Atlas map (that immediately loads on top of the first) does not.

In neither case does terminating DXLABs applications in DX Launcher close either DX Atlas map  

So, I guess my problems are now: 1) How do I prevent the second incidence of DX Atlas from loading and 2) How do I get DX Launcher to automatically close DX Atlas with the the DX Labs applications.

+ On the DXLab Launcher's Configuration window, remove the two entries you created that start DXAtlas from the "Apps Started Before DXLab Apps" and "Apps Started After DXLab Apps" tab.

+ With DXView configured to use DX Atlas as its world map, starting DXView will start DX Atlas, and terminated DXView will terminate DX Atlas.


             Dave, AA6YQ

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