N1MM, DXKeeper, Gateway.

Yuriy Veselov

Hello Dave.

I was overjoyed early and said that I had found a mistake in the wrong port number.
In reality, the situation is as follows.

1. N1MM + DXKeeper + Gateway.
DXKeeper: "Config" panel - "Default" window - Network Servise (port 52000):
QSO is logged to N1MM but not logged to DXKeeper. Search for previous
 QSO, but not logged. If I change the port number to 52001 - in N1MM and DXKeeper the QSO is logged.

2. N1MM + DXKeeper + WSJT-X (JTDX) + Gateway.
DXKeeper - port 52000 or 52001 - QSO not logged.(The port is closed for WSJT-X and JTDX).

I cannot understand the reason. Please help me figure out my problem.
73 Yuri R2ZX

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