Re: DXK Popup Window

Joe Subich, W4TV

That pop-up tells you the particular card qualifies for an award
(or advances your progress toward an award). The example you cite
indicates this is your first LZ6 prefix on 80M and CW.


... Joe, W4TV

On 2021-03-13 8:18 AM, Robert T wrote:
I use DXKeeper for my main log.
I'm doing incoming QSLs from Buro today and every so often I get a pop up window when I hit to check a QSL card was received. Anybody know what that window is for or what it does? The window says, "Send this QSL card to the CQ WPX desk (LZ6-80M, LZ6-CW)! THe window has the small X in the upper right corner, and an OK button.
The message isn't always the same depending on the call.
Bob, K2RET

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