Re: DXKeeper Questions

Dale Drake

The QSO was not uploaded to LoTW when I logged it with WW. 


In WW config on the Log tab “Upload to LoTW when logging” was not checked.


To upload the QSO to LoTW I right clicked the QSO in DXK and selected “Add entry to QSL Queue (Lotw)” along with several other QSO’s (not logged at 00:00:00) then in the DXK QSL tab I clicked the “Upload to LotW” radio button.  That produced the screen shot I previously uploaded.


Additionally if I now click on the subject QSO in DXK I get the popup “ Changed item in QSO already uploaded to LoTW, changed QSO_Begin item in QSO with N1STB at 2021-03-11 00:00:00 on 40M in CW, after completing and saving changes, resubmit this QSO to LoTW”  despite having made no changes to the QSO.



Dale AA1QD

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