Re: Error Logging from JTAlert to DXKeeper

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

After about 3 weeks away I just fired things up and there were a couple of s/w updates to DXL and the usual database updates which I installed. Now, when I complete a WSJT-X QSO and log from JTAlert, I receive several error messages/ notifications as follows:

An error box appears saying:
"No QSOs were uploaded to LoTW",
"no QSOs were processed because some QSOs were duplicates or invalid"

Then a Notepad screen appears titled "LoTWResult.txt" with several lines including:
"Already uploaded QSO surpassed on line 5" and further down, "Signing aborted. All QSOs are already uploaded; Aborted", "No records to upload", "Final Status: No QSO written(8)"

Another status box also appears titled "DXKeeper Club Log Upload" which says:
"Upload QSO to Clublog Succeeded: Dupe"

When I click off this later, a second entry for the same QSO is placed in DXKeeper

I checked JTAlert and sure enough there was a newer version which I also installed but it had no effect on the above. I haven changed any settings in any software, or added or deleted any software since before the issue started. I don't see that anyone else has reported this so it must be unique to my configuration. I would very much appreciate some help.

+ I sounds like you have things configured in a way that uploads each new QSO to LoTW and Club Log twice.

+ If you're using JT-Alert, then the Enable box should be unchecked in the WSJT-X panel on the "Spot Sources" tab of SpotCollector's Configuration window. Is that the case?


Dave, AA6YQ

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