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Anthony W. DePrato

Not a problem i guess it was the way it was worded . things down under and here in the states can have different meaning. No i am not opposed to having someone spot me on the cluster. i just thought I had something set wrong and was self spotting on the dx cluster. i do not think i am seeing spots from another FT8 user since all the source spots are coming from stations with (- # after their calls) so i guess it is a skimmer or a psk reporter spotting me. i know i can go into spot collector and turn a spot with my call sign off . i was more worried about a lot of uncalled for spots on the cluster . Laurie  you have answered my question thank you.

73 Tony WA4JQS / VP8SSI / 3Y0PI / V31SS

The go QRT response (from me) was an attempt at levity. Sorry you took it literally.

Your problem is that you don't want to see spots of your Callsign from other FT8 users.

You can't force everyone else to turn off their PSKReporter spotting or Cluster spotting, so your only option is to configure SpotCollector to avoid showing these spots. This is the correct group to get an authoritative answer as to how to do that, assuming it is possible.

de Laurie VK3AMA
(JTAlert author)


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