Re: DXKeeper Questions

Steve, N5EP


+ DXKeeper displays that message when it detects that you have made an "LoTW-significant" change to a QSO that has already been submitted to LoTW.

>> Understood.

+ What actions did you take leading up to the appearance of that  message?

>> I created and ran a new SQL Query Filter to identify CW QSOs with Illinois stations that were not part of a contest:   (State='IL') and (Mode='CW') and Contest_ID=''
With the log display so filtered, I scrolled through the listing, and when I came to the one for W9WE, the warning message popped up.  I did not make any modifications to the QSO.  I don't recall making any modifications to it previously, but of course it has been over nine years since uploading it to LoTW.

+ What is currently shown in the QSO_Begin item of that W9WE QSO?

>> 10/17/2011  00:00

Today I logged into and pulled up the record for that QSO.  The only difference in the data is that in LoTW the ITU Zone is listed as 08, and in DXKeeper there is no value assigned for ITU Zone.  All other data fields are identical, including the Date/Time 2011-10-17 00:00:00.
The record was received by LoTW on 2011-10-17 04:04:01.

However, it appears that LoTW must assign the ITU Zone automatically, because I have other QSOs from around that date that all have the ITU Zone assigned in LoTW but not in DXKeeper, and in these cases I don't get a warning message when I select one of in the Log Page Display.


Steve, N5EP

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