Re: sorting out Log to LotW discrepancies

David Reed

Thank you sir; will get right on it!

73 de W5SV - David F. Reed

On Mar 7, 2021, at 20:47, Dave AA6YQ <aa6yq@...> wrote:

Assuming that the table in your post below was generated when you clicked the Compare button in the "DXCC, Challenge, TopList" panel on the "Check Progress" tab of DXKeeper's Configuration window, that's not and indication of how well your log and LoTW match. As described in

the Compare function displays discrepancies between DXCC award credit shown as granted in your logged QSOs, and DXCC award credit shown as granted in your DXCC record - as maintained by the ARRL.

19 of the 20 discrepancies listed are cases in which your DXCC record contains no credit granted, but a logged QSO shows DXCC credit granted: either its "QSL Rcvd" or "LoTW QSL Rcvd" item is set to 'V'. For each of these 19 discrepancies, determine why each is marked "DXCC credit granted" when there is no such credit shown in your DXCC record: either its "QSL Rcvd" or "LoTW QSL Rcvd" item was erroneously set to 'V', or your DXCC record is in error. If the former, change the erroneous status item from 'V' to 'Y'; if the latter, engage with the ARRL's DXCC desk (dxccadmin {at} and request a correction.

In the case of "Guadeloupe on 20m", your DXCC record shows that DXCC credit has been granted, but no logged 20m QSO with Guadeloupe has its "QSL Rcvd" or "LoTW QSL Rcvd" item set to 'V'. Determine which 20m QSO with Guadeloupe you submitted in a DXCC award application, and change its "QSL Rcvd" or "LoTW QSL Rcvd" item from 'Y' to 'V', depending upon whether you submitted a QSL card or LoTW confirmation, respectively.


              Dave, AA6YQ


On Sun, Mar 7, 2021 at 03:11 PM, David Reed wrote:

Hi folks; taking a break from the contest for a few moments; I thought "I wonder how well my log and LotW match?" so I ran the report to identify any.

No surprise that I have some; my problem is to figure out what to do about them so both are correct and no discrepancies are reported...

Here is what it looks like:

   Entity Prefix     Band or Mode     Log Status    ARRL Status    Entity Code   Entity

               5R              20m              V -            438   Madagascar
               DA            Phone V             81   Germany (deleted)
               DA            Mixed V             81   Germany (deleted)
               FG              20m              W V             79   Guadeloupe
               FG              15m              V -             79   Guadeloupe
              FO0               CW              V -             36   Clipperton Island
               FW              15m              V -            298   Wallis & Futuna Islands
               GD              17m              V -            114   Isle Of Man
             HK0S            Phone V            228   Serrana Bank & Roncador Cay (deleted)
             HK0S            Mixed V            228   Serrana Bank & Roncador Cay (deleted)
              KH6              12m              V -            110   Hawaii
              KH6          Digital              V -            110   Hawaii
              KZ5            Phone V             28   Canal Zone (deleted)
              KZ5            Mixed V             28   Canal Zone (deleted)
               OK            Phone V            218   Czechoslovakia (deleted)
               OK            Mixed V            218   Czechoslovakia (deleted)
               P4               CW              V -             91   Aruba
              YV0            Phone V             17   Aves Island
              YV0            Mixed V             17   Aves Island
               ZS              80m              V -            462   Republic of South Africa

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