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Dave: Last night I had WW working in AFSK. I could receive and decode I could press the transmit button (in WW) and it would key the
radio, send diddles, with RF out. I could type in RY's TEST then my call in the transmit window and it would transmit that. Today, I
could not duplicate WW working on AFSK.

OK, so today (starting over) I started Launcher, and Commander. Pressing the TX button in commander keyed the radio, produced a
single tone and I did get RF out. I then started WW, which changed the radio to LSB, and I press the TX button in WW. It did not key
the radio and did not produce a tone or any RF even though the software thought it was transmitting. When I checked port five, the
port used to control the radio, WW said it was not available. I'm guessing that is because it was being used by commander. ??

You sent me a link to "Configuring WinWarbler for RTTY Operation" which I followed religiously (both AFSK and FSK) but, it did not
work. I also tried the radio in D1, D2 & D3 but that made no difference. Throughout all of these tests, I could receive and decode
RTTY in WW. I even tried the K0PIR video for N1MM with MMTTY with same lack of results.

+ The article "Configuring WinWarbler for RTTY Operation" does not cover configuring WinWarbler for RX-TX switching (aka "PTT");
that's described in "Switching a Transceiver between Reception and Transmission" in

+ My assumption was that anyone wishing to use WinWarbler would first review "Setting up CW, Phone, PSK, and RTTY Operation in
WinWarbler" in

+ which introduces configuration topics common to all modes: RX-TX switching, audio connections, and setting audio levels. See the
RTTY subsection in the "General Setup Instructions" section of this article.

+ To prevent this from happening again, I have added a "Configuration Steps You May Have Already Taken" section to the beginning of

"Configuring WinWarbler for RTTY Operation" in

+ and added steps for making the required audio settings and level adjustments.

+ Since you're using Commander to control your IC-7610, and since Commander can switch your IC-7610 between RX and TX, on the
Configuration window's PTT tab, set the Mode panel to "Xcvr Ctrl App" and set the Port panel to None. If that doesn't enable
WinWarbler to switch your transceiver between RX and TX, please let me know.


Dave, AA6YQ

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