sorting out Log to LotW discrepancies

David Reed

Hi folks; taking a break from the contest for a few moments; I thought "I wonder how well my log and LotW match?" so I ran the report to identify any.

No surprise that I have some; my problem is to figure out what to do about them so both are correct and no discrepancies are reported...

Here is what it looks like:

   Entity Prefix     Band or Mode     Log Status    ARRL Status    Entity Code   Entity

               5R              20m              V -            438   Madagascar
               DA            Phone V             81   Germany (deleted)
               DA            Mixed V             81   Germany (deleted)
               FG              20m              W V             79   Guadeloupe
               FG              15m              V -             79   Guadeloupe
              FO0               CW              V -             36   Clipperton Island
               FW              15m              V -            298   Wallis & Futuna Islands
               GD              17m              V -            114   Isle Of Man
             HK0S            Phone V            228   Serrana Bank & Roncador Cay (deleted)
             HK0S            Mixed V            228   Serrana Bank & Roncador Cay (deleted)
              KH6              12m              V -            110   Hawaii
              KH6          Digital              V -            110   Hawaii
              KZ5            Phone V             28   Canal Zone (deleted)
              KZ5            Mixed V             28   Canal Zone (deleted)
               OK            Phone V            218   Czechoslovakia (deleted)
               OK            Mixed V            218   Czechoslovakia (deleted)
               P4               CW              V -             91   Aruba
              YV0            Phone V             17   Aves Island
              YV0            Mixed V             17   Aves Island
               ZS              80m              V -            462   Republic of South Africa
All suggestions are very much appreciated!

Thanks & 73 de Dave, W5SV

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