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Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

I have, from time to time, connected to 2 radios using Commander. Set-up as multi-radio and it has worked fine. Now I'm attempting to interconnect to 4 radios and as I get this working I've come up with some questions.

First question -- is there any way to connect to more than 4 radios? I suspect no but thought I would ask as I have one more that can be CAT controlled.

+ The limit on primary transceivers is 4.

Second question has to do with user defined controls. Seems to me I have read that as I select from one radio to the next Commander can load the appropriate file for each radio. Is that correct?

+ Yes. See " Setting up User-defined Control Sets" in

Third question has to do with selecting the individual radio. Can a command sequence be written so that selecting a function key can select a different radio?

+ Yes. Command sequences can be invoked via the F5 through F12 keys, and a command sequence can use the <priXcvr N> command to select a specific primary transceiver. See "Command Sequences" in

The fourth and final (I hope) question is about some kind of external notification. If I remember correctly there are pins on a parallel connector, if available, that can go active when a particular band is selected. Does a similar function exist when a particular radio is selected?

+ Yes: the selected primary transceiver can optionally be binary encoded on pins 16 and 14 of the specified parallel port. See "Parallel Port panel" in

In other words an active pin for radio 1-4?

+ The selection is binary encoded, not unary encoded. You will need some simple decoding logic to derive a signal that's asserted for each primary transceiver. Let me know if you need help with this.


Dave, AA6YQ

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