Commander with multiple radios


I have, from time to time, connected to 2 radios using Commander.  Set-up as multi-radio and it has worked fine.  Now I'm attempting to interconnect to 4 radios and as I get this working I've come up with some questions.

First question -- is there any way to connect to more than 4 radios?  I suspect no but thought I would ask as I have one more that can be CAT controlled.

Second question has to do with user defined controls.  Seems to me I have read that as I select from one radio to the next Commander can load the appropriate file for each radio.  Is that correct?

Third question has to do with selecting the individual radio.  Can a command sequence be written so that selecting a function key can select a different radio?

The fourth and final (I hope) question is about some kind of external notification.  If I remember correctly there are pins on a parallel connector, if available, that can go active when a particular band is selected.  Does a similar function exist when a particular radio is selected?  In other words an active pin for radio 1-4?  I would use this to automatically activate the various ports of my antenna/transceiver switch instead of manual selection.

Thanks in advance and 73.


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