QSO start time rounding problem with eQSL

Norm - KC1BMD

I was previously logging new QSO's to the HRD Logbook and my previous process was to upload the HRD QSO to both LoTW and eQSL. (I would also download the LoTW data to the QRZ logbook to have that log in sync too, although that does not matter for this issue). This all worked fine. I transferred my logging to DXKeeper by exporting the HRD logbook to an ADIF file and importing it into DXKeeper. On investigating some errors of the type: "no QSO matching callsign, band, and mode" I find a discrepancy with the way eQSL and DXKeeper handle rounding of the QSO start time. As an example, the HRD Logbook had a QSO logged with start time: 22:21:20 (since HRD uses hh:mm:ss format). When this would uploaded to eQSL, the start time was rounded up to the nearest minute (i.e. to 22:22). DXKeeper however rounded it down to the nearest minute (i.e. to 22:21) which caused the error to be reported when sync'ing QSLs. My impresssion of the way to round would be to round up for =>30 seconds and round down for <30 seconds. DXKeeper appears to have followed this rule whereas eQSL does not appear to have followed that. To be clear, there is zero chance that I manually modified the QSO start time, so that is ruled out as a possible cause. What would be the best way to resolve this type of error?

Note: I have not checked if this is a problem with LoTW yet.

73, Norm/KC1BMD

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