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Hello Dave and thanks for the information. It worked fine

+ Does that mean that you have Commander correctly controlling your IC-7610?

and in fact I now have WinWarbler working. Or at least I think it’s working I can hear the tones and I’m producing RF and it sounds good at this end through the monitor. I still don’t have MMTTY working and I fully don’t understand because they’re almost the same thing.

+ Your first post in this thread said

"when I press the "TX" icon, it does key the radio (ICOM 7610) but it only sends one steady tone (Mark, I think)."

+ To transmit RTTY with WinWarbler, type some text in its transmit pane, and then click the "Start" button in WinWarbler's "RTTY transmit" panel. See this annotated screen shot:

+ Later, you can configure WinWarbler to "auto start".

+ A constant mark tone when transmitting RTTY is a classic symptom of having the transceiver configured for RTTY FSK transmission (for an IC-7610, mode set to "RTTY") but not supplying a FSK signal to the transceiver; for an IC-7610, that can be done via the second virtual COM port created by the transceiver, as described in this Icom manual:

+ The alternative is to transmit RTTY AFSK, in which case you'd configure WinWarbler to put your IC-7610 in DATA-L mode when operating RTTY.

+ Step-by-step instructions for configuring WinWarbler for RTTY operation are here:


Dave, AA6YQ

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