Re: Exporting from DX4WIN to DXLab

Dave AA6YQ

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Yes The ARRL Verified Honor Roll Countries in the DXCC Progress Report.  this section in the report has no data, all zeros.
In DX4WIN, when i get a confirmation for a QSO (Card or LoTW), i set the flag to "C" as in Confirmed.  If its a confirmation for a new DXCC country, band or mode, after i submit to the ARRL for credit and it gets approved, i set the corresponding flag for that award (DXCC) to C as in Checked which means it has been checked and accepted by the ARRL.  
Based on what i think you are explaining, DXLab should have used the DXCC "C" flag in the imported log for the DXCC Honor roll? 

+ No. ADIF defines an CREDIT_GRANTED field to to indicated that DXCC award credit has been granted. See

+ DXKeeper does have the ability to handle the non-compliant ADIF generated by some logging applications. If DX4WIN exports DXCC award credit in a non-compliant manner, I'm not aware of it, and thus did not equip DXKeeper handle it.


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